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Definition of terms used in Search Field


Abandoned: Building is open to elements or intruders, exists as a decaying structure, lawn and vegetation is overgrown, pool crumbling or filled with vegetation and debris. Building is not salvageable or repairable,

Vacant: Building is secured or boarded up, some evidence of minimal care, i.e. lawn mowed, pool drained or covered, but with no evidence of habitation, i.e. car in driveway, evening lights, toys on lawn. Building is not maintained nor repaired. Some are not salvageable or repairable despite attempts to preclude owner liability.

Unknown: Building status is difficult to determine because while there is minimal upkeep and some vague signs of occupancy there is no visible human presence.

Demolished: Building has been demolished, debris have been carried away and the site cleared or the pool filled.

Burned: Building has burned to the ground due to arson or vandalism. (see Heiden Hotel)

In certain cases, a vacant or abandoned structure can co-exist on the same property with an occupied house or bungalow.
In certain cases, although the structure is vacant or abandoned, a For Sale sign may exist, indicating property or at best, the land is for sale.
In certain cases, vacant properties are in a stage of some form of renovation which has not been completed.

Status was determined by on site inspection and subsequent visits.


Hotel: Structures which range from kuchaleins (communal kitchen facilities), rooming houses, to small hotels. Some are converted farmhouses or later specifically built for the market.

Commercial: Structures which are based on "owner-occupied" residential quarters above the commercial storefront.

Swimming Pool: If a pool is not associated with a specific property, the surviving pool indicates a now lost hotel, house or bungalow colony.